San Mateo, CA. Tile And Grout Services

rsz_grout_1San Mateo, CA. Grout Cleaning:

Perhaps your tile work is looking dingy and stained from years of wear. Or maybe your grout lines look an entirely different color than when your tile was first put in. Chances are, that color is still there, it’s just hidden by staining and dirt. Regardless, it’s time for a change!

After: Grout lines are clean and brilliant, giving the floor a whole new and revitalized look!

The good news is that with a simple cleaning process, your  San Mateo, CA. tile grout can look new and brighten up your entire room. However, the wrong kind of cleaning can cause major and costly problems over the long run. Harsh cleaners such as bleach can remove dirt, but also will deteriorate and compromise the integrity of the grout as well. Once grout lines are worn below the tiles, they become a magnet for dirt, mold, and bacteria. Steam cleaners can also be very abrasive on grout and even cause tiles to loosen and wobble.
PRO GROUT uses gentle cleaners that will deep clean your grout lines without compromising their structural integrity. Our cleaners have special bonding agents that will keep the grout intact while cleaning. Your grout will be restored to its natural, beautiful color.

 rsz_grout_2San Mateo, CA. Grout Repair:

San Mateo, CA. GROUT REPAIR:  Perhaps your grout is cracked or grooved in some areas.  Maybe you are missing chunks of grout in some places, too.  This is something that needs immediate attention because these grout cracks and divots can expose your sub-floors to water damage as well as toxic molds.  Toxic molds can poison the air with noxious odors and toxins, which are harmful to children and people with respiratory ailments. Moreover, these toxin molds are oftentimes undetectable. It’s important to safeguard your health by attending to cracks and grooves in grouting.

After Grout Repair

Keep your grout strong and healthy by repairing problem areas and resealing them effectively.  We’ll inspect every inch of your tile and grout and repair all irregularities and cracks to prevent more serious and costly problems down the road.

rsz_grout_4San Mateo, CA. Sealing:

SEALING:  We absolutely love the impermeability of tile – it’s easy to clean, protects our surfaces, and looks beautiful.  What if your grout lines could have that same impervious trait, where moisture beads at the grout like it does with your tile?  What if your grout offered that same protection from water, mold and mildew damage as your tiles does?  You can have this for your own grout lines with our PRO GROUT Sealers.  Our special sealing formula will make your grout lines as resistant as your tile — plus, clean-up will be a breeze!

You have two great sealer choices:

San Mateo, CA. PRO GROUT Clear Sealer:  This standard sealant will protect your grout after a deep cleaning or regrouting.
PRO GROUT Super Color Stain Sealer: This sealant will also comprehensively protect your grout after a deep cleaning or regrouting. It provides a stronger protection against harsh staining and lasts up to ten times longer than standard grout seals; thereby offering the highest level of protection available.
With the Super Stain Sealer, you’ll be able to change the color of your grout as well, giving your floor, countertop, or walls a whole new rejuvenated look.  This can really brighten a room and increase the value of your home aesthetically.  We can match almost any color you desire.  Grout sealing is also a great defensive step to take when you’re moving into a new home. You want to do this before your tile-work endures heavy traffic. All of our work is covered by our 12-month warranty.

grout 3San Mateo, CA. Regrouting:

REGROUTING:  Perhaps you are noticing grains of your grout coming loose each time you wipe down your tile.  Or your grout is deeply grooved below the tile line.  These are clear indications that your grout is wearing down and deteriorating.  Ideally, your grout should be at the same level as your tile and it shouldn’t lift off when you’re cleaning.  Left unresolved, it can create a pesky trap for dirt and bacteria.  Moisture can seep through and compromise your subsurface with mold, mildew and water damage. The subsequent repairs can be costly and time-consuming.

The solution:  Regrouting.   San Mateo, CA. PRO GROUT will come in and remove all of your old grout and install new and improved grouting.  After the grout is installed, PRO GROUT will reseal and recaulk the entire room.  A whole new grouting can make your room look and feel brand new — without having to replace your tile (an expensive and laborious process).  Your grout will also keep your room safe from damage to the sub-surface of the tile.

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